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Anterior fornix erogenous zone

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If you know that the cervix in question is a particularly sensitive one, proceed with caution, and avoid stimulation anywhere near menstruation, Vagina afe vaginas tend to experience heightened sensation while the red tide is in. A good way to attempt A-spot stimulation for our more delicate-cervix-bearing friends is to provide a nice, long warm-up! Tons Vagina afe clit stimulation can help deliver more pleasurable sensations to the pressure-sensitive A-Spot zone—besides, for a lot of bodies, more clit stimulation is always appreciated! Something to note about the discomfort that could potentially occur is that it will be quite unlike that which is experienced with G-Spot stimulation.

Instead of that almost-burning sensation of needing to pee, since the A spot is not located beside the urethra, it will more likely be the same or a similar ache that is experienced with too much cervical pressure. As always, communication is your best friend when it comes to sex. Talk to your partner before, during, and after to ensure a good time for all! Positions Recommended for A-Spot Pleasure The Bow In The Bow the partner being penetrated Vagina afe on the bottom, lying on their side, and the person penetrating is straddling their bottom thigh between the legs. This position allows the pelvis to tilt in a way that is a bit different from doggy style, and can actually feel more comfortable for some folks who experience that sensitive-cervix phenomenon.

Another excellent position to try out is The Slope. Since the A-Spot is slightly above the cervix, it may be easier to reach at a slight angle in this position, so experiment with lying flat and also lifting the hips with positioning pillows such as the Liberator Wedge. Actually many sexologists and doctors have been exposed to my A-Spot Stimulation Technique during my presentations. However, they have never received any in-depth training. So probably because of that, they actually do not know enough how to carry out this procedure properly.

Doctor, is it very difficult to learn your technique? You only need to know the right centers in the vagina and the correct sequence of stimulating these centers. Once you have been taught this technique, you will be surprised how simple the whole procedure is! Watch my workshop video presentation. You also claimed that your technique is supposed to give very dramatic and fast results. How do we know that your technique really works? What proof have you got? I can substantiate that the A-Spot Stimulation Technique dramatically speeds up lubrication as well as erotic sensitivity response in women based on a local reflex mechanism in the vagina.

If a woman practices the technique correctly, she can lubricate within seconds, and become orgasmic by minutes! Skeptics, of course, will doubt the authenticity of my statements. The proof lies in my serial video recording of a patient over 4 therapeutic sessions, a time span of only 11 days. This video recording forms a vital part of my workshop video presentation. Doctor, have you any other comments before we conclude the interview? I have 3 additional comments. My first comment is this: Women with sexual difficulties are generally too shy to see a doctor or a sexologist for their problems. This is especially so in traditional cultures.

In introducing this website: Hence, there is no fear of being socially stigmatized for seeing a sexologist or attending a sex therapy workshop. Secondly, I do not want people to get the wrong impression that the A-Spot Stimulation Technique is meant only for women with sexual problems. A woman with a normal sex life can still reap many benefits from learning this technique. Existing sexual performance can be improved by leaps and bounds. The quality of sexual enjoyment continues to improve over time. And my final comment is this: Conventional therapeutic measures address the brain as the sole processor of sensual information.

My A-Spot Stimulation Technique deliberately circumvents the brain and works via a local reflex mechanism in the vagina.

Afe Vagina

Let me give you an example. Vagina afe yourself touching a hot kettle. The moment your hand touches the kettle, automatically your hand will withdraw from the kettle. This is caused by a local reflex action that bypasses the brain. Indeed, it has been a very informative session. Getting to Know the Erogenous Zones of the Female Anatomy Clitoris This is the most famous of erogenous zones, Vagina afe is roughly the equivalent of the tip of the male penis. It can be found at the top of the woman's vulva, at the apex of the inner labia. Roughly the size of a pea, the clitoris is covered in a protective skin known as the "clitoral hood". The clitoris is a cluster of approximately 8, nerve fibers, effectively making it the most "sensitive" structure of the feminine anatomy.

The clitoris may become enlarged, or swollen and thus more sensitive, during stimulation. When a woman climaxes by way of the clitoris, her clitoris becomes "temporarily out of commission". Touching this area is most likely going to cause her pain. This means she will not be capable of having another orgasm through the clitoris within a short period of time. This sexually sensitive area was rediscovered by American sex researchers Drs.

Anatomically the G-Spot lies in the anterior vaginal wall about two inches from the entrance and is located at the bladder neck area. This bead-like structure is extremely sensitive to deep Vagina afe and when properly stimulated, it swells and leads to orgasm in many women. Many women experience multiple orgasms accompanied by the phenomenon of female ejaculation. The fluid ejaculated through the urethra is chemically similar to male ejaculate but contains no sperm. Though not as sensitive as the clitoris, the G-Spot stimulates muscle groups in the entire body, mainly in the "core" or abdomen and mid-lower back, causing "stronger, larger and more profound" orgasms, for women, though physically speaking there is no difference, it is this muscle contraction which many women find subconsciously appealing.

Like the clitoris, when a woman climaxes by way of the G-Spot, her G-Spot becomes "temporarily out of commission". This means she will not be capable of having another orgasm through the G-Spot within a short period of time.

Anatomically and physiologically, the A-Spot differs significantly from the G-Spot in terms of location, shape, and erotic response. The A-Spot refers to a broad expanse of vaginal wall occupying an area corresponding to the inner half of the roof of the vagina. It is VVagina a specific spot like the G-Spot. When properly stimulated, it brings about strong erotic response resulting in "violent orgasmic contractions". Only very light gentle finger strokes are required to stimulate the vaginal wall as compared to the deep pressure "come hither" ones for the G-Spot. There is however no accompanying female ejaculation phenomenon as seen following G-Spot stimulation.

Another interesting fact about the A-Spot, when correctly stimulated with the right technique, the vaginal walls rapidly and heavily lubricate the entire vaginal canal automatically, even when the woman is not in the mood for sex!

Only, ae have never ended any in-depth training. Personally and physiologically, the A-Spot pensions underneath from the G-Spot in many of trading, shape, and erotic employment. I found it inand the capacity is raising.

These are small zones of heightened erotic sensitivity, the stimulation of which during the mating act helps to bring the female nearer to an orgasmic condition. The first two are outside the vagina, the second two inside it: This is the best known of the female genital hot spots, located Vagina afe the top of the vulva, where the inner labia join at their upper ends. The visible part is the small, nipple-sized, female equivalent of the tip of the male penis, and is partially Vgaina by a protective hood. Essentially it is a bundle of nerve fibres, making it the most sensitive spot on the entire female body. It is purely sexual in function and becomes enlarged longer, aff swollen, more erect and even Vaginna sensitive during copulation.

During foreplay it is often stimulated directly by touch, and many women who do not easily reach orgasm purely from vaginal stimulation find it easier to climax from oral, digital, or mechanical stimulation of the clitoris. An Australian surgeon Vaina reported that the Vagia is larger than previously thought, much of it being hidden beneath the sfe. The Vgaina that is visible is simply its tip, the rest of its length — its shaft — lying beneath the surface and extending down to surround the vaginal opening. This means that, during pelvic thrusting, its concealed part will be massaged vigorously by the movements of the inserted penis.

There will therefore always be some degree of clitoral stimulation, even when the tip is Vzgina touched directly. The clitoral shaft is, however, less sensitive than the exposed tip, so that direct contact with the tip will always have a greater impact on female arousal. Some women claim that, by employing a rhythmic, downward roll of the pelvis, they can create a direct friction on the clitoris tip while the male is making pelvic thrusts, and can in this way magnify their arousal, but this requires a more dominant role for the female, which is not always accepted by the male.

This is a small patch of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on either side of the urethral opening. It is absent just below the urethra, in the small area between the urethra and the vagina. Less well known than the clitoris, its erotic potential was only recently investigated by American clinical research workers. They found that if this region was gently caressed, with the finger, the tongue, or the tip of the penis, there was an unexpectedly powerful erotic response. While on the subject of the female urethra, it is important to mention 'female ejaculation'.

In the male, the urethral tube delivers both urine and seminal fluid containing sperm. In the female it is usually believed that it delivers only urine, but this is not the case. When there is an unusually powerful orgasm, some females may emit a liquid from their urethral openings that is not urine. There are specialized glands surrounding the urethral tube, called Skene's glands, or para-urethral glands, similar to the male's prostate, and under extreme stimulation they produce an alkaline liquid that is chemically similar to male seminal fluid. Women who experience ejaculation which ranges in quantity from a few drops to a few tablespoonfulssometimes imagine that the extreme muscular exertions of their climactic moments have forced them into involuntary urination, but this is simply because they do not understand their own physiology.

Nor, incidentally, did some medical authorities, who insisted that ejaculating women were suffering from 'urinary stress incontinence' and suggested operations to cure it. One man recently sued for divorce because he believed that his wife was urinating on him, such is the ignorance of female genital activity. It is not clear what the value of this female ejaculation can be, as its occurrence is clearly a little late to act as an aid to lubrication. Vaginal lubrication is, in fact, carried out by the walls of the vagina themselves, which rapidly become covered in a liquid film when female sexual arousal first begins.

The G-Spot, or Grafenberg Spot. This is a small, highly sensitive area located cm inches inside the vagina, on the front or upper wall. Named after its discoverer, a German gynaecologist called Ernst Grafenberg, it is sometimes romantically referred to as the Goddess Spot. Research into the nature of the female orgasm, carried out in the s, led to the discovery that the female's urethral tube, that lies on top of the vagina, is surrounded by erectile tissue similar to that found in the male penis. When the female becomes sexually aroused, this tissue starts to swell.

In the G-spot zone this expansion rebults in a small patch of the vaginal wall protruding into the vaginal canal. It is this raised patch that is, according to Grafenberg, 'a primary erotic zone, perhaps more important than the clitoris'. He explains that its significance was lost when the 'missionary position' became a dominant feature of human sexual behaviour.

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